The Tales of toverud 

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A mockumentary about the making of an epic premium cable drama. Available here:



Dramaturgy: The Russian and the jew

December 2018

Directed by Ines Braun. Cowritten by Liba Vaynberg & Emily Louise Perkins.

THE RUSSIAN AND THE JEW is a political fairy tale that explores anti-Semitism and misogyny through a female friendship in the Soviet Union in 1968, underlining the eternal question of fidelity to one's self, one's partner, and one's country. The project was created as a part of the COJECO BluePrint Fellowship, supported by COJECO and Genesis Philanthropy Group. More info here:

Julius Caesar

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Old Hat Theatre presents a visceral production of Shakespeare’s mythic and modern tragedy. An ensemble of ten actors in a blank space: using movement, sound, and the language of the play, their bodies and voices conjure the story. They explore the clash between speech and action, the tangle of personal and political desire, and the indelible stain of violence on character.